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Window cleaning services provides: 

Traditional Window Cleaning: We use applicators with the perfect soap solution to scrub, agitate and loosen dirt and grim from your windows. We then squeegee of the soap and loose dirt leaving your windows spotless. Finally we use detailing rags to assure no dirt or soap remains in the corners or edges of your windows.

Pure Water System & Water Fed Poles: We take your tap water and run it through a three stage water filtration system to remove any dissolved solids that could leave behind stains and water spots. We then run that water through our water fed extension pulls with attached brushes. The brushes scrub the dirt while the pure water washes away the loose dirt and grim. After A final rinse the pure water can be left to evaporate with no fear of staining or leaving water spots.

Screens: With every window cleaning job a light brushing of your screens is included for no additional charge. However, we offer an upgrade for a more thorough screen cleaning. With this upgrade we hand wash all your screens with soap, water, and screen brushes. We then rinse and dry your screens and air dry before replacing them. 

Tracks:  As with screens, every window cleaning includes a light wipe down or vacuum of your tracks for no additional charge. We also offer a more thorough track cleaning upgrade. With this upgrade we use soap, water, and special brushes to scrub away the dirt that builds up in the tracks of your windows. 

Important information about our window cleaning service:

​Everclean Windows strives to give you 100% satisfaction.  If you have any issues or questions please feel free to contact us.  We will perform maintenance inspection on your windows; however, we do not restore windows.  Here are a few things that we cannot clean or repair:

  • Deep hard water stains: these are white spots on your windows possibly caused by rain, run-off from your gutters, over spray from sprinklers, or anytime you have had hard water dry on your window. If caught early some light hard water spots can be removed with a stranded cleaning.
  • Broken and blown window seals: When the window seals are blown it allows moister to enter in between the panes of glass causing a fog or mold on the inside of the window. 
  • Scratches: sometimes windows will have existing scratches and imperfections in them that you may not be entirely aware of until the window is completely cleaned. We do not use any products that will cause damage to your window. 
  • Torn or damaged screens. 

Everclean Window Cleaning
We rarely see the sun in the Pacific Northwest; let us welcome this natural light into our homes through clean windows.  Contact us today for rates and a free quote! 

We have residential, commercial, and construction rates available.  
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